GM MACHINERY was founded in 1991 by a team of engineers with considerable knowledge & experience gained in a world renowned Italian firm that produced a variety of woodworking equipment.

Parts & service, our company's initial line of work, were stepping stones to designing & producing our very own range of woodworking machinery & complete plants which we successfully achieved within a short period of time as a result of constant research & dedication. Our equipment ranges from stand-alone machines to complete production lines. Not only do we offer standard & custom-built solutions to satisfy every specific need, our engineering division also develops projects for turn-key contracts. The company's steady growth over the years has enabled GM MACHINERY to provide equipment for the most important sectors in the wood industry:


Automatic/electronic stand-alone machines & complete production lines: panel saws, multi-rip saws grooving machines for machining grooves on the back of the parquet, single or double-end length & cross profilers for machining tongue-groove profiles or click profiles on: 2-3 layer parquet, engineered parquet, solid parquet, parquet strips, tiles, laminated parquet & recently PVC parquet.
Our versatile PROFILING LINE composed of a lengthwise profiler & a double-end tenoner for cross profiling,is amongst the best available on the market, capable of machining with extreme precision at a fast speed (200 m./minute). Our STAR profiler was in fact the first on the market capable of machining 2-3 layer engineered parquet with widths varying from 65 mm up to 400 mm.
Our versatile “STAR SUPERANDOM” endmatcher with its specific system is capable of machining random size solid & engineered parquet at a continuous cycle, thus completely eliminating downtime since the machine does not need to be reset. Flexible production demands stimulated us to create such a machine, which can also be easily incorporated in an existing production line. Our SIRIUS STAR machine automatically takes into account the lengths randomly inserted.


Stand-alone machines & complete automatic/electronic production lines composed of single/double-end tenoners/profiling machines for squaring, shaping, profiling, grooving, sanding & chamfering products such as chipboard, laminate, plywood, hardwood, drawers, frames, garden furniture, insulating materials such as polystyrene, kitchen work-tops etc. Our special STAR SPLITTER splitting machine, integrated in high production lines, is ideal for cutting panels lengthwise/crosswise & for machining blind grooves or through grooves.


Stand-alone machines &&complete automatic/electronic production lines composed of single/double-end through-feed or blocked-piece working systems, for tenoning, profiling, sanding, boring, grooving, machining slots & milling.


Stand-alone machines & complete automatic/electronic production lines composed of single/double-end tenoners equipped with electronic shaping units, automatic tool-changers. Our RAGGIOMATIK corner rounding system can be incorporated in existing production lines.
We provide a fast efficient AFTER-SALES service; we supply spare parts for our machines & offer a wide range of parts for other models of used tenoners, moulders & multi-rip saws manufactured by the best brands. We service machines & provide technical assistance which includes installing, modifying, updating, servicing machinery & offer staff-training courses, all of which are carried out at the customers' factories by our qualified technicians.
GM MACHINERY's success, both on a national & international scale, is unquestionalbly due to its efficient, active & dynamic staff, set to provide customers with realistic & practical solutions using the latest technology.