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We have developed a technology that allows us to cover all production sectors to facilitate the doors production in every single department, after the pressing phase, and we have implemented single units, working islands or in-line machinery such as:

• Machining centers and calibration and milling lines;

• Processing and accessory installation machinery with integrated vision systems;

• Application unit seals and special clamps;

• Anthropomorphic robots, connection automation, loading and unloading systems.

Automatic fitting and screwing unit

Machining centres

Identifying the ideal solution for every production need becomes the key to success, both for the machine manufacturer and product producer, in this case the window or door frame.

This is why we are constantly committed in listening to our customers, confronting them and dedicating the right resources to a constant research of innovative technologies, adapted to modern production needs, in continuous and rapid evolution.

At GM Machinery we try to translate these design dynamics into all our projects, from simple corner systems to more complex machining centres and special machinery.

Drilling and routing unit
Angular tenoning and profiling machine

High-capacity lines for windows elements

In order to be able to manufacture considerable quantities of windows and doors, nowadays it is essential to be able to combine total flexibility with high production capacity.
The GM Machinery production lines not only allow to achieve these goals, but they always do it by operating through the most modern production criteria and concepts, requiring that the various elements are never released between one work unit and the following one. They are additionally equipped with a modern and advanced control and management software, of intuitive use, which allows to connect the production plant to the management program, in full compliance with the characteristics of 4.0 technology.

In-line milling machine
Complete line example
In-line profiling machine

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