For years, the wood flooring market has combined technical innovation and the rediscovery of traditional products, just as in the case of Parquet Chevron (or Hungarian Herringbone): precise herringbone cuts are no longer the prerogative of only solid wood processing but also of multilayer materials.
Quality of the manufacturing process and precision of the product for an impeccable final result: these are the requests of parquet manufacturers.

It’s to meet these needs that GM Machinery has designed and built FISHBONE, the perfect combination of high precision and high performance.

Able to perform both 90 ° and Chevron cutting, FISHBONE is the perfect solution for the world of parquet.
Unlike normal roll forming machines, FISHBONE uses the simultaneous advancement of GM rolling tracks managed by independent brushless motors (Gantry axes). The absent drive shaft gives way to two movable sides: FISHBONE is able to simultaneously work both ends of the piece, even inclined.
Suitable for making both tongue-and-groove joints and click joints, FISHBONE is driven by a multi-axis numerical control system: to complete the equipment, the remote assistance device makes the machine Industry 4.0 Ready.

A solid monolithic column bearing structure, from 2 to 5 motor positions per machine side, high production yield and machining flexibility, all enclosed in a reduced footprint: both in stand-alone use and integrated into complete production lines, FISHBONE is the ideal solution for the world of parquet.

VAT: PC 01582960330
n. REA: PC 174876

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