Flooring squaring systems

In the field of wood flooring, we develop and manufactur single machines and complete automatic production lines including: single-sided and double squaring, profiling and tenoning machines for the performing of the “tongue-and-groove” profile and the “ click “ profile, on different types of parquet (two/ three layers – pre-finished – solid – planks – tiles – laminated – PVC – LVT and similar), multi-blades.


It is a versatile and reliable machine able to combine excellent production performance and quality in reduced dimensions. It is the best solution for stand-alone use as well as integration into complete production lines. Equipped with the GM rolling track, this machine is available for lengthwise (L), crosswise (T) or both (LT) machining.


It is a high-performance squaring machine representing the most advanced solution for the heading and the profiling of parquet elements. Equipped with a massive and extremely solid structure, Arka guarantees hi-level precision on the most varied processes. It is ideal for stand-alone use as well as integration into complete production lines and it is equipped with the GM rolling track.
High capacity line
Double end tenoner with rolling chain

Chevron and fishbone flooring


Parquet tenoning machine able to perform classic 90° working and, thanks to the special design without transmission shaft, also chevron machining. This solution allows working simultaneously the two heads of the piece of parquet, thus ensuring quality and precision combined with a large production capacity.


Pegasus is a stand-alone machine designed specifically for producing chevron-effect elements (inclined parquet). Pegasus is composed of two main workstations (the station for cutting elements accurately and the second station for cross-milling inclined workpieces), in order to obtain absolute machining precision and a production capacity up to 10 pieces/minute. Equipped with a high accuracy angle control/set-up system, Pegasus can (on request) machine multiple cuts on the same wooden bar, optimizing material consumption. The machine is available in two configurations, linear and with a workpiece return system to the operator.

Flexibility - Mosaics


Woodentile was born with the aim of industrializing the production of “mosaic” tiles. Equipped with cutting-edge software, this machine allows the mass production of parquet elements with the most varied geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, etc.). The special “tile” function makes it possible to optimize a design of a sophisticated tile directly from software, achieving at the same time a reduction in waste and a great increase in productivity.


It is a static machine with absolute flexibility, able to perform 90° profiling, ideal for the recovery of material from parquet planks. It is available in the fully automated version with robotic manipulator that allows inclined tenonings including cusps and several geometric shapes (trapezoids, triangles, hexagons, etc…).

Static Tile
Wooden Tile

Lenght random production


Parquet tenoning and milling machine with high flexibility. Sirius is able to indiscriminately work fixed-length pieces as well as variable-size parts, always guaranteeing high precision and processing quality.


High productivity tenoning machine, able to work pieces of different sizes (random) without the need of its reconfiguration at each size change. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or as a second machine at the end of a Polaris or Arka profiling machine.

Super Random

Lamellas selection lines

The lamellas that compose the noble side of the parquet represent the most valuable part of a plank; for this reason, it becomes important to be able to optimize production, both to minimize waste and to automatically distinguish the various qualities during the selection process. We created systems for longitudinal sizing and transversal trimming, with integrated vision systems, which recognize in real time the possible linear deformations of the individual lamellas and their surface quality. Through innovative electromechanical devices, the introduction into the individual machines of the system is different from lamella to lamella, based on deformations or defects found by the “real time” vision system.
Automatic loader
Transversal cutting machine

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