Panel sizing and squaring

We design and produce single machines and complete automatic/electronic production lines consisting of squaring and profiling machines – single or double – capable of squaring, shaping, profiling, grooving, smoothing and chamfering panels (chipboard, laminate, plywood, blockboard, hardwood ), drawers, frames, garden furniture, kitchen surfaces.
The GM Machinery machines are suitable and are also used to process of various materials other than wood, such as insulating panels (typically expanded polyurethanes) or several “fiber-cement” compositions.

Panel squaring line
Automatic feeding system

In line splitting


It is a machine with high production capacity (with speeds up to 50 m / min) and equipped with the rolling track, able to process and cut panels both lengthwise and crosswise. Splitter has an exceptional strength that guarantees great reliability and is normally used in square-edging lines to increase productivity or for production lines of narrow panels. It is available the option to create grooves interrupted at the same time as the panels are cut.


It is as a splitting machine but with reduced overall dimensions, able to cut panels up to 40 m/min lengthwise by means of toothed belt feed, as well as to make blind or through holes in the panels. Smart is a mid-range machine that is an excellent solution both for integration into complete lines and as a stand-alone use, combining excellent performance with a competitive price.


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